About iFP-Gnome

iFP-Gnome is a GNOME front-end for managing files on your iRiver flash-based MP3/Ogg player. The goal of this project is to provide a usable, useful utility for the GNOME desktop which works with all models of iRiver flash players.  

NOTE: T10/T30 support is not ready yet.  iFP-Gnome currently works with 1xx, 3xx, 7xx models.

This project depends on the libifp and pyifp libraries from the ifp-driver project here at SourceForge for all of the low-level file i/o. Thanks guys, for all the great work!

Tree view of files on player
See all your files at once.
Shuffle dialog
Shuffle songs from a big playlist.


The following items work in the latest version. I'm still adding features and making bugfixes when I can. Let me know if there's something missing!

Latest cool feature is the ability to upload a random selection of songs from a playlist. So, you can make a huge playlist of all your jogging or studying songs, then transfer a random selection of the playlist to your player. Cool!

I've just added the ability to copy files from the player to your PC. Will add format and firmware upgrade at some point.


There is a known bug in the underlying i/o layer that iFP-Gnome depends on. This bug occasionally makes the player freeze up either when getting the file list or after uploading songs. To get around this bug, just unplug and replug the player's USB cable, then click 'Refresh'. The ifp-driver team is working on a better solution to this.

If you find other bugs, please post to the ifp-driver mailing list.  Thanks!

Latest News

08 Jan 2006

Happy New Year!  Version 0.7 released today, with rudimentary player-to-PC upload support.  No drag and drop yet, that will come in the next version.  But for now, you can select a file or folder and choose File - Copy to PC from the menu bar to transfer to your filesystem.  This version also handles permission problems better.

Since this version is a bit of an "intermediate" version, please bang on it and let me know your results.

19 Sep 2005

Major new version 0.6 available!!

This version uses the libifp library and pyifp bindings instead of ifp-line.  That change alone fixes a whole slew of bugs related to filenames with special characters.  New features include ability to drag/drop into specific folders, much better error handling, and a better status bar as well.  Thanks to James Evans and the whole team on the ifp-driver mailing list for working on the libraries and python bindings.

Please upgrade and let me know your results.  You'll have to install both libifp and pyifp in order to use this and all future versions of ifp-gnome.

06 Sep 2005

Switched to pyifp library instead of ifp-line, which should fix the problems with moving files that have odd characters in their names (such as apostrophes, brackets, etc). Playlists with relative pathnames will upload correctly; and drag/drop into specific folders will now work as well.  I'm in the final clean-up stage of coding, you can try pulling from CVS if you dare.

05 Feb 2005

New version 0.4 available. Drag support for playlists, folders, and individual files onto the player. All files/folders go into the root directory of the player. Also implemented rudimentary cancel-button support for playlists (but not for folders, yet).

Download & Install

Get the latest release at the ifp-gnome page on SourceForge.  I've included a tar.gz with all the files you need to run (no compile necessary!) or .deb files for i386 Ubuntu Linux.

Installing Ubuntu .deb files:

For easiest install, use Ubuntu Linux.  You'll need two .deb files:  Grab the ifp-gnome AND pyifp install files from the ifp-gnome site.

Then from a command prompt, type

    sudo apt-get install libifp4	
sudo dpkg -i ifp-gnome*.deb python2.4-pyifp*.deb
(Thanks to Joe Wreschig for creating the libifp4 .deb file!)

Installing from source .tar.gz files:

Be sure the dependencies are installed first: ifp-gnome depends on libifp4 and pyifp.  Build and install them per their instructions.  Then, ifp-gnome installation is trivial -- just download the source file, and unzip into any folder.  Run the file ifp-gnome.py to start the program.  


Note that this app requires libifp and pyifp libraries from the ifp-driver project. You can download the source code for these two dependencies from http://ifp-driver.sourceforge.net. Thanks to James Evans for the python bindings!

Pyifp did not have a home on sourceforge, so I've uploaded its source code to the ifp-gnome project  website, and created a .deb file for Ubuntu.  Note that pyifp is 100% the hard work of James Evans, not me.

Source Access

iFP-Gnome is stored in Sourceforge CVS, in the "ifp-gnome" module. You can browse the latest source code online.


If you're interested in discussing iFP-Gnome, consider subscribing to the ifp-driver mailing list. There is a helpful, active community of ifp users and developers there.

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